My name's Cal Colborne and I'm a third generation Professional Photographer. 

My grandfather, Ed Rowe, was a professional photographer for the New York Central Railroad.  His photos were seen in national magazines, including National Geographic and Life.  My Dad, Don Colborne, was a newspaper photojournalist and war correspondent.  I grew up with 2 masters of the art and science of photography.

I've worked as a fashion photographer, as a photojournalist covering a wide variety of events, taught photographic art at college and university levels and conducted many education seminars for other professional photographers.

Throughout that time I've always enjoyed photographing weddings and for the last 18 years Weddings have been my exclusive professional focus.  
Ontario Wedding Photographers

My daughter Jenn has worked with me for 18 years.  In addition to being a 4th generation professional photographer she's enhanced her natural ability at the acclaimed New York Institute of Photography.

Jenn's brings her unique feminine artistic perspective to provide a great contemporary complement to our advanced level of technical skills.

Ontario Wedding Photographers
Our principal assistant Karen has worked with me for over 30 years.  

With a great eye for an image and super people skills Karen's invaluable to our ability to get the shot every time, and have fun doing it.

Ontario Wedding Photographer
Our associate, Eve, comes to us from the highly competitive world of Wedding Photography in London, England.  

Eve's international experience adds a unique cosmopolitan vision to our team.

Muskoka Wedding Photography

As full time professional wedding photographers we're all romantics at heart.  Since a wedding is one of life's very special events, filled with happy people,
we consider ourselves fortunate to be part of this every week!

So if you'd like your special day photographed by people who not only have a passion for photography, but truly enjoy weddings, give us a call or email.  

We'll be honoured to work with you to make your wedding a very special day for all time.

EMail us at   or  phone  888-875-8503 (toll free)